Cómo combatir la mala información

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31 Comentarios

  1. @Tanirhum

    1) Read Immanuel Kant, Benjamin Constant, David Hume, John Stuart Mill, Isaiah Berlin! 2) Have fun being 100% free!

  2. @1neomonkey

    By using "The Trivium," it's a method of critical thinking and learning which dates all the way back to ancient Greece and probably older. Look it up, your welcome.

  3. @norpfuseman1485

    Jordan I agree you just need to know how to negotiate behaviour change, and when not to as Austin points out. Nice video lads

  4. @norpfuseman1485

    “One day we’re all gonna die and it’ll be all fine” nice Austin

  5. @hammerhead_369_6

    I like the video's broke down like this makes it easier tip hey more info in between calls.

  6. @jonlanier404

    Evidence: A current standard of the way it is figured…. later to find out they were wrong. And then give "new" evidence.

  7. @kapuaalakapikola

    I am enjoying these short and informative clips. Ironically, it played a VShred commercial before the video started.

  8. @tlombardo3

    What if this video/answer IS bad information? Then I'm really lost. Send help.

  9. @Horus-Lupercal

    "I'm just gonna go ahead and say I'm smarter than Jordan."
    ~ Austin Baraki, 2020.

  10. @Freespiritphil

    Science has proven that the most effective way to correct misinformation is to post lots and lots of Memes and any news articles that support your personal bias (neverfact check them)… In all seriousness, I love the balance you maintain and willingness to examine data that may not support your current point of view. It brings a lot of intellectual integrity to what you do.

  11. @bozoc2572

    I like the work Barbell Medicine does in their respective field, very useful and mostly factual…

    But their ideas(Jordan and Austin in this case) on beliefs, science and epistemology are quite naive. And I base this on statement on some books/podcasts and Austin and Jordan sometimes make.
    There is an underlying theme in their narrative that science is this big objective eye scanning everything around it without any cultural implications.
    In this video they recommended that awful New Atheism thingy called Street Epistemology which is Sophism at it's best.
    Just go read Plato, Aristotle, Nietzsche etc… instead.

  12. @baileys6346

    I'm so glad that you guys are out here putting forth useful information from research and disseminating it to the public. One of the most disheartening and depressing things about this day and age to me is the amount of dis/misinformation that is out there and I genuinely think that you guys are doing a service to the public by educating people about barbell fitness, pain science, and overall health.

    I'm passionate about medicine — the pursuit and dissemination of knowledge. Thank you guys.

  13. @Robo0595

    Yeah, I have an aunt that is a homeopathic, gluten-free, anti-vax, healing crystal, non-gmo, anti-BIGPHARMA, no-carb, paleo, Yogi. I just don't talk at all during family gatherings.
    Ya won't change their minds and if you pick a fight with your family you've already lost.

  14. @123peterjackson

    love this. Given I have seen GOMAD gets people jacked, daily maxing of lifts and failing lifts is okay being promoted on a daily basis I have had to learn to just let it slide and just focus on what I am doing

  15. @EliteObeid

    Where’s the Hernia video please, need help with life

  16. @ACarpenter89

    After watching Alan Thralls video on training with a hernia, I was wondering what your thoughts and advice were and how they applied to different types hernias like umbillical or periumbillical and inagural etc and does wearing an abdominal binder which is often reccomended post surgery and sometimes before weaken core.

  17. @Roman.D.Uchiha

    My friends Microbiology professor told her that each over the RDA protein intake is bad for you so she only eats 40g a day. AND SHE TRAINS ALMOST EVERYDAY

  18. @robertlevy4613

    Algorithm gainzzz. Please keep these small videos coming. Absolutely love the content from you guys and I show these things to as many people as I know. Thank you guys.

  19. @curlean-x4443

    7:10 Exactly my response when people ask for "credentials" for even basic recommendations.

  20. @chaselambert8662

    It turns out on the 7th Day the Lord did not rest, but he createth Barbell Medicine.

  21. @Clough42

    I reluctantly acknowledge that this is a wise approach. Though I still get worked up by advertisements for nanocapacitor-antenna-signal-transmission-bio-identification-energy-storage pain relief patches. I've read enough of your well-supported pain science material to see that their theory of pain is misguided and I know enough about electronics and physics to see that the technical jargon is a bunch of science words that don't mean anything.

  22. @Johnhaeberle

    People deserve to be "allowed" to "explore" strange ideas … no harm in that, and OFTEN people are just "exploring" … we need people to look at weird ideas, even though most of them don't pan out. That's different from people who express strange idea and promote them as THE TRUTH. Those people are dangerous. I try to respond to Wrongthink with a comment like "I see why you think that, but if we can agree that evidence, science, or rationality can bring us together, maybe we can get past that."

  23. @qjerm2

    Love Street Epistemology and have been following it for years. Happy to hear you guys bring it up, as critical thinking is an extremely important skill that most people lack.

  24. @thejoetandy

    Learning to let people be wrong is important. I've been practicing convincing people that we have similar values, (which you inevitably do if you look closely enough), connecting with them interpersonally, and proceeding to try and steer their beliefs like 1-2% closer to what I perceive as ideal.


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